Studio Activities and Videos

“Girl Next Door” Digital Painting

“Girl Next Door” Timelapse video of digital painting.

“Mountain Tribe” Digital Painting

“Mountian Tribe” Timelapse video of digital painting.

“Bird House” Digital Painting

“Bird House” Timelapse video of digital painting.

“Owl and Pussycat” Digital Painting

“Owl and Pussycat” Timelapse video of digital painting.

“Clouds Talk” Digital Painting

“Clouds Talk” Timelapse video of digital painting.

Filp-top Miter Saw Table

Cutting stretcher bars, gallery frames, and panel cradles is easiest with a miter saw. Storing and getting this bulky awkward tool out has been kind of annoying. With this simple filp-top table I made, not only is it now easy, but it also becomes a new table top when the saw is not in use.

The drawer stores sanding equipment. If you build one these, I recommend weighting the base as it’s top-heavy. There is closed box below the drawer that houses 60 lbs. of sand. Also important are locking wheels.

1022 Painting

I rarely do videos of me painting. I did some with this one. It’s an Acrylic painting on paper, mounted to a cradled hardwood panel. It went unfinished un-named for awhile. I showed the work to Jeff A. when he visited my studio. We were talking about names and I mentioned I named one of my favorite paintings Eleven Eleven because I painted it on November 11. He said, “you could name this 1022; that’s my birthday!” He seemed inspired by that, and that inspired me, too.