.My work is a lot about connecting, touching, and growing. About play and discovery. It’s about what might be. I’m moved and inspired by what it means to others.

The paintings are abstract. I like abstract because the viewer gets to discover what is going on and what it might mean; it’s personal …and the story changes over time.

I have been painting for decades. I am also versed in photography and printing; both commercial and fine art. I’ve also worked with wood, metal, glass, and casting.

I received a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications (Graphic Design and Printing) from Cal Poly, SLO.

I have formal training in painting and drawing and among others, spent a year studying painting in California with Michael Loffredo (former student of Elmer Bischoff).

My studio is in The NorthEast Arts District of Minneapolis; Studio 139 (named for now) in the Northrup King building, 1500 Jackson St. NE 55413. There are many open studio times; First Thursdays of each month in the evening, Two major weekend events in Spring and Fall, many Saturdays (for private appointment or to join my occasional email, contact me).

Kate O. says about her new painting "Family Time;"

It makes me feel calm. We ended up putting it above our couch and moving the painting that was there to another place because as soon as we put Family Time there, the room immediately felt more still and comfortable…My dad says “Looks like a warm embrace” and my brother says “It’s really lovely. I like the softness of the brush strokes. It gives a calming effect.”…My husband says, “There’s something evocative of a scarf around a person.” The lines remind him a bit of Matisse in the Blue Nudes.

I tried to talk her out of it...

Kelly A. visited my studio and wanted to see everything, including work I’d set aside to finish later. She found this piece and insisted she have it. I tried to talk her out of it but she was having none of it. If someone wants one my pieces, I want them to have it.